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Hi! I'm Zita and my nick name is Zizi - that is why my blog called Zizimages. And yes, I know what "zizi" means in French. :) I live in Budapest, Hungary. Daytime I work as an assistant in a university. In the evenings and during weekends I love cooking because I'm a food lover. I love foodblogs. I love traveling. I love reading. I love colourful things. I love the sun and the sunrise. I love breathing in the fresh air. I love going to the market. I love surfing the net and discover the 21st century. I love Twitter. 

I enjoy the small moments in life. 

I love taking photos.  (All the photos on this blog are taken with iPhone.)

I decided to take a photo everyday just to show you that the beauty of life is all around us. Walking in the streets, looking out from a window, shopping in a market, reading a good book, drinking a nice cup of cappuccino... and there it is, you can't take your eyes off of it / her / him. Small joyful moments of our life.

So, dear readers, enjoy my journey with me through my eyes!


You can also find me on Twitter, on Facebook and my food blog in English, called Zizi's Adventures.

Questions, comments or just want to say hello? Email me, I would love to hear from you.